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Meet Rising Artist Prexxurr


Mississippi is starting to become a hotbed for rising rap talent, and one artist is making waves with his unique style and captivating lyricism. Originally from Hazlehurst, MS, rising rap artist who goes by the name of  Prexxurr has recently released his next big project – “EnTry II,” a highly anticipated follow-up to his debut album, “EnTry.” We had an opportunity to catch up with the artist to talk about his recent projects. Check out our interview with PREXXURR.

SFND MAG: PREXXURR !!! What’s good! So glad for this opportunity to interview you. How have you been? 

PREXXURR:  What’s good ! Yes sir I appreciate you as well, I’ve been good just grinding focus on the mission.

SFND MAG: Your rise on the rap scene has been steadily progressing. For those in our audience who are new to your music, tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from,  and take us back to your early days of how this journey began for you? 

PREXXURR: I’m from Hazlehurst Mississippi born and raised. After I moved to Texas I started making music in 2020 during the pandemic. I used to do small pickup lines in middle school/ high school, but never would’ve thought I would make a career out of it.

SFND MAG: There have been a lot of rappers that have come on the scene for the last few years however from the music that we’ve heard from you so far, we can tell that you are built differently than the typical rapper.  What do you feel sets you apart from other emerging rappers in this new era?

PREXXURR: I stand out, because I’m on a different  topic. I understand the values/principles  of life. I come with good energy to those who make it bad, I separate myself from them.

SFND MAG: We checked out many of your videos on Youtube and all of them are dope. Can you give us some insights into the creative process behind some of your records like ”Flavors” and “Finish Line”, and the inspiration that drove their creation?"

PREXXURR: Flavors - based off having a change of scenery,  I’m basically telling the rap game I’m the flavor of choice. 

Finish line - long term goal of trust and honesty ! If we have the same  determination we all will make it to the finish line ‼️

SFND MAG: Last year you dropped your album “EnTRy”. The entire album is definitely dope. No features… all you. I think that is dope. Was that intentional? If so, why was it  so important to you to put your talent on full display without the presence of any other rappers?

PREXXURR: I will love to collaborate with other artists. Mostly I’m not going to pay over 60,000 + thousands for a feature. [LAUGHS]  Prices are crazy high right now…  As I grow they will come around. I trust the process.

SFND MAG:  Are you open to doing features? Hypothetically speaking, if you could have three features from anyone in the world… dead or alive…who would they be and tell us why? 

PREXXURR: Kevin gates, J-Cole, mo3 ! 

SFND MAG: Most recently dropped a sequel to your last album entitled “ EnTry II” what can we expect to hear on this album?  

PREXXURR: A little bit of everything from  having a heart, to being explosive, and inspiring. Healing, being more of yourself rather than trying to fit in for reputation.

SFND MAG: Which tracks on this particular project meant the most to you and tell us why?

PREXXURR: Dead roses - “I miss the niggas I can’t see no mo.” 

Neva grief -  “I was loyal to someone that wasn’t loyal to me.” 

SFND MAG: So last year we witnessed  Hip-Hop turn 50 years old.  Obviously, hip-hop and rap have developed a very rich history over the last five decades.. How does that heritage influence your music, and what do you hope to contribute to its legacy? 

PREXXURR: The inspiration from different artists and just being able to express certain feelings or helping someone else cope with a certain way they feel is the excitement I get from music. Getting my family out of poverty !! I hate we don’t have, but appreciate that I have time to make changes. That gives me the drive and focus to pursue my career ! 


SFND MAG: 2024 seems like it may be the year where many independent artists may get their shot to really make some serious money from their craft. With social media platforms TikTok for promotion and streaming platforms like that allow an artist’s core fanbase to pay what they feel the album is worth, has created a whole new way for artist to stay engaged with their audience and make large amounts of money from their core base of true fans. What is your strategy for 2024 to keep growing as an artist in this ever changing market?

PREXXURR: I’m focusing on content after content after content !!!! Being more consistent and truly eliminating all distractions.These people don’t feel me yet ! Imma make em feel me ! 

SFND MAG: What is next for Prexxurr? Are there any new projects in the works for later in 2024? If so, then what can fans expect from your upcoming project, and how will it be different from your latest album “EnTRy II”?

PREXXURR: I have “EnTry ||” on the way maybe at the end of February early March it will be released. I’m continuing my story with mixed emotions and how I view my image of life.

SFND MAG: As you all continue to rise in the rap game, what are  some of your long-term aspirations for yourself as an artist?

PREXXURR: Being connected and understood ! I pray I bring peace to the world ! “ You’ll never fall if you stay balance."

SFND MAG: Before we let you go, could you name only one other artist that you think is So FN Dope, and tell us why?

PREXXURR: Fatboymorris - he’s not discovered as far as social media famous but I watch him throughout his music career he has outstanding potential. I love his dedication,  confidence, and passion for music. We’re working on a future PROJECT as we speak,  just stay tuned !

SFND MAG: Prexxurr, We appreciate you again for interviewing with us. Keep doing your thing. Looking forward to more music from you all in the future. Wishing you all much continued success.

PREXXURR: Yes sir, much appreciated ‼️ 

If all is good let’s plan a tour !

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