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Rising Rap Artist Prexxurr Drops Highly Anticipated Album "EnTry II"

EnTry 2
EnTry II

Mississippi is starting to become a hotbed for rising talent, and one artist is making waves with his unique style and captivating lyricism. Originally from Hazlehurst, MS, rising rap artist who goes by the name of  Prexxurr has recently released his next big project – "EnTry II," a highly anticipated follow-up to his debut album, "EnTry."

Prexxurr, who has been gaining recognition for his distinct voice and compelling storytelling, is set to solidify his presence in the rap scene with this next album. "EnTry II" has proven to be a record that showcases the artist's growth and evolution since his debut release.

The debut album, "EnTry," served as an introduction to the artist's world, establishing his signature sound and leaving fans hungry for more. Now, with "EnTry II," listeners can expect a deeper dive into the artist's experiences, emotions, and reflections on life.

The album features a mix of trunk-rattling beats, introspective lyrics, and a unique blend of storytelling that sets this artist apart from the crowd. Tracks like "Roll Thedice" touch on overcoming adversity.  Meanwhile, "Dead Roses" is a tribute to lost friends and loved ones, and one of the standout tracks "Neva Grief" speaks about a situation in which the rapper was loyal to someone who turned out not to be loyal in return.


In addition to the album release, fans can look forward to an exclusive interview with the artist in issue 21 of So FN Dope Magazine which is set to be released in mid March 2024. The interview will provide insight into the creative process behind "EnTry II," the artist's influences, and what the future holds for this promising talent.

As the South continues to produce remarkable artists, this emerging artist is undoubtedly on the brink of something big. With the recent release of "EnTry II" fans can expect to see this artist's name making waves across the landscape of rap music. Keep an eye out for what promises to be a breakthrough year for this Mississippi-bred talent, Prexxurr.

AVAILABLE NOW!!! Check out the latest release by Prexxurr here:

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