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Parris LaDame: Kickin' Down Industry Doors To Put Indianapolis On The Map

Meet Parris La-Dame, the gritty rap artist that’s been causing seismic waves in the industry with their captivating lyrics, undeniable hooks, and unwavering commitment to musical independence. This dynamic artist has set a new standard for bold expression in 2023. With a fusion of gangsta and seduction, Parris LaDame has embarked on a journey destined for the stars. We caught up with her to discuss their emerging career, the intricacies of being an independent artist, and her latest records. Check out our interview with Parris LaDame.

SFND MAG: Parris, can you tell us about how you initially discovered your passion for writing and rapping while growing up in Indianapolis?

P: My journey began with an early passion for music and poetry in high school when my teacher recognized my unique way with words. That’s when I truly found my calling. I was then Introduced to the studio environment. Immediately, I noticed a lack of seriousness amongst the people I was with in the studio that day. Which ultimately worked to my advantage. Unlike the others, I was not only focused but prepared to make a resounding statement, leading me to an unforeseeable journey.

SFND MAG: From our understanding, your high school teacher played a pivotal role in recognizing your talent. Could you share a bit about that moment and how it influenced your career path?

P: Yes, Mr Blair Karsh. He was/is a well known substitute teacher in Indianapolis. One of the teachers who really spoke to me that I could never forget. That man could teach any subject & make it memorable because he taught all his lessons in poetry form. He just had a very interesting way of capturing students' attention way more than other teachers could, in my opinion. Hearing him teach inspired me to start writing. 

SFND MAG: Over the last few years women have been dominating in the hip-hop space. Artists like Latto, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, and  Ice Spice have emerged and excelled in the genre. As a female rapper in 2023, what do you feel sets you apart from other artists?

P: This era of music is the era I’ve been waiting for - hell, let’s be honest, we’ve [female rappers] always been it , but the recognition we are getting now is crazy, even monumental some would say. I love every minute of it and I can’t wait to stamp my name as a contributor to rap history outside of Indiana. S/O to all the women grinding it out right with this music. It’s a crazy ride, press the gas!

SFND MAG: You're making a significant impact as an artist from Indianapolis. How important is it for you to represent your city and empower other aspiring artists from smaller cities?

P: Yes, 317! I love my city and the city loves me back. Times where I’ve been discouraged, my city unknowingly put me right back into that bag. With us being smaller than other cities, it’s an eye opener when you touch other cities' fan bases. I’m from Nap, I can adjust anywhere. You are not a boss until you can become a boss somewhere else!

SFND MAG: Indianapolis may not be traditionally known as a major music hub. How do you envision putting the city on the music map, and what role do you play in that vision?

P: I plan on kicking that door down . There's a lot of talent out here. We have to go to other cities like Atlanta, LA, or New York to make it make sense. But the city has the talent. The problem is, we lack some of those resources, but slowly and surely, the resources are coming.  

SFND MAG: Can you share some insights into your specific creative process when writing and recording your music? Do you draw inspiration from your surroundings or personal experiences?

P: My writing spasms come out of nowhere. I can be anywhere and be doing anything and an idea will come to my head. I have to capture that moment, so I’ll do a voice memo or write it down to keep the thought. When I am in that creative space, I like the room to be blue & catch some clouds . I like to zone out. I talk about my life, my friends life, stuff I see and/or experience and I make music. Being relatable is very important when it comes to the music I release.

SFND MAG: Your dedication and determination are evident in your work. Could you tell us about some of the challenges you've faced in the music industry as an independent artist and how you've overcome them?

P: The challenges I’ve experienced are like the others who have been in my position. Getting paid my value, making sure I have the right team around me, and not falling for the okey doke of broken promises from industry sharks. I had to really focus and learn the business on my end because those sharks will eat you when they smell new blood. Also, getting real press opportunities. Not P2P opps. I want whoever is writing these articles to love me and my music. I work hard and just want people to value my music and see the time, energy, and efforts me and my team make when it comes to the Parris LaDame brand.

SFND MAG: You are clearly making a statement with your music. What are some of the key themes or messages you want your listeners to take away from your songs?

P: I want people to have fun. I talk about my life a lot in my music because ain’t no way I’m the only one going through certain situations. So I found a way to express it. Take the wheel, pop ya shìt , press the gas & don’t let up. That mindset changed so much with me. 

SFND MAG: Lastly, what can we expect from Parris LaDame in the near future? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon that your fans should look out for?

P: Projects, collaborations, videos & shows. I can’t wait to show everyone what we've been working on. I say “we” because my team is this shìt with me. For a while, I thought I could do this by myself but it really takes a team to get to those higher levels. 

SFND MAG: If you could only name one other artist dead or alive who you think is  So FN Dope, who would it be and why?

P: See one thing about me, I love music. All music. All genres. Currently I’ve been listening to Doechii, she be going crazy and lately her music has been speaking to me. It’s a lot of artists I think are extremely dope and shout out to them because hell it ain’t easy, but it's time to put me in the game, Coach! 


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