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Getting To Know Tiffany Love

Tiffany Love
Tiffany Love

We're diving deep into the Queen, NY beat-making scene, shining a spotlight on a rising female producer making major waves. Straight outta Queens, she's flipping the script in a game dominated by dudes, bringing that fire, that flair, and that fearless energy to every beat she drops. Get ready to hear the real deal behind her grind, her hustle, and how she's turning heads and turning up the volume in hip-hop. Meet this incredibly talented rising beat making music producer Tiffany Love.

What’s up Tiffany. We appreciate you for interviewing with So FN Dope Magazine. We are so glad we were able to make this happen. Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from. 

 Yes, first I would like to say thank you for having me.  My name is Tiffany Love. I am a R&B/Hip Hop beat maker and I am from Southside Jamaica, Queens, NY. 

What initially sparked your interest in music production?

Growing up in a household where both my mother and father were singer/songwriters and musicians sparked my interest in music production at an early age. I was captivated by their performances at church and our backyard BBQ parties, where I witnessed firsthand the magic of music bringing people together. Watching my father play the keyboard, guitar, and drums, and seeing how my parents crafted melodies and harmonies, inspired me to explore the art of music production. These experiences instilled in me a deep appreciation for music's ability to connect, inspire, and evoke emotions, shaping my journey into music production.

Can you describe for us your journey from creating gospel songs on the keyboard to becoming a rising beat maker? 

My journey from creating gospel songs on my PSR-240 keyboard to becoming a rising beat maker has been both exciting and fulfilling. It all started with my love for music and my early experiences playing the keyboard and crafting gospel songs. I found immense joy in expressing my faith and emotions through music, which laid a strong foundation for my musical endeavors. I began experimenting with different genres and styles, gradually shifting my focus towards beat making. Drawing inspiration from various musical influences and my experiences in gospel music, I honed my skills in creating captivating beats that resonated with listeners. Today, as a rising beat maker, I am passionate about crafting beats that not only captivate audiences but also convey emotions and tell stories. 

Digital music making softwares like FL Studio and Music platforms like Sound Cloud has made it easy for aspiring musicians to create and also shop their music to potential artists from the comfort of their own home. With so many self proclaimed producers out there now, what  do you feel sets you apart from other beat makers in the music industry?

What sets me apart from other beat makers in the music industry is a combination of several factors that contribute to the uniqueness and quality of my work. I prioritize innovation and originality in my work. While digital music-making software has made it easier for aspiring musicians to create, I strive to bring fresh and distinctive sounds to the table. I invest time in researching and experimenting with unique elements, ensuring that my beats stand out in a crowded market. What plays a big role is my passion, innovation, collaboration, continuous learning, and commitment to quality and professionalism. These qualities not only distinguish my work but also contribute to building a lasting presence and reputation in the competitive music industry.

It seems that more and more female beat makers and producers are rising to the forefront. What do you think is causing the surge of interest in music production for women?

The surge of interest in music production among women can be attributed to several key factors contributing to a more inclusive and diverse music industry. There is a growing recognition and celebration of female talent and contributions in the music industry. Women are breaking stereotypes and showcasing their skills as producers, beat makers, engineers, and artists, inspiring others to pursue careers in music production. Organizations that are focused on supporting and empowering women in music production have played a significant role. These platforms provide mentorship, networking opportunities, education, and resources tailored to female producers, fostering a supportive environment for growth and success. These factors combine to create an environment where female talent in music production can thrive and make significant contributions to the art form.

Who are you inspired by and what have you learned from their experiences?

I am inspired by a diverse group of individuals who have profoundly influenced my life and career in music production. My parents, especially my father, who was a talented musician and songwriter, sparked my initial interest in music. Their dedication, passion, and creative expression taught me the importance of authenticity and perseverance in pursuing my musical aspirations. My dad's best friend, who later married my aunt, played a significant role in shaping my musical journey. His unwavering support, encouragement, and insights into the music industry have been invaluable after the passing of my father. I've learned the importance of building meaningful relationships, collaboration, and the business side of music production. Their experiences have inspired me to continuously evolve, innovate, and strive for excellence in my musical pursuits.

How has your eclectic taste in music influenced your approach to beat making for a song like D.R.A.W.M.H. ft Solojane for example?

My eclectic taste in music has had a profound impact on my approach to beat making, especially in crafting a song like "D.R.A.W.M.H. ft Solojane." Drawing from a diverse range of musical genres and styles, I approach beat making with a blend of creativity, versatility, and innovation.This fusion of styles gave the beat its unique character and allowed it to complement Solojane's vocals and the overall mood of the song seamlessly. My taste in music serves as a driving force behind my innovative approach to beat making, allowing me to create compelling and memorable musical experiences

Could you share some insights into your creative process when crafting beats?

When crafting beats, my creative process involves several key steps that contribute to the final product. I draw inspiration from various sources such as personal experiences, emotions, musical influences, and current trends in the music industry. This initial spark fuels my creativity and sets the tone for the beat I'm about to create. I start by conceptualizing the vibe, mood, and theme of the beat. Whether it's a laid-back groove, an energetic rhythm, or a melodic composition, having a clear concept guides my creative decisions throughout the process. I carefully select sounds, samples, and instruments that align with the concept and vision of the beat. This includes choosing drum kits, synths, basslines, melodies, and any additional elements that contribute to the overall sound palette. I structure the beat by arranging different sections such as intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. This involves layering sounds, arranging patterns, and creating transitions to ensure a cohesive and engaging musical arrangement. I focus on crafting melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions that complement the rhythm and add melodic interest to the beat. This includes experimenting with different melodies and harmonies to find the right balance and musicality. There are times I may reach out to a fellow musician to add more sauce to the beat which is always a fun experience. Throughout this creative process, I remain open to experimentation, feedback, and revisions, continuously refining and perfecting the beat until it meets my artistic standards and vision.

What genres and styles do you typically draw inspiration from when creating your music? 

I draw inspiration from a diverse range of genres and styles when creating my music. I often incorporate elements of hip-hop into my beats, drawing inspiration from rhythmic patterns, drum arrangements, and sample-based production techniques commonly found in these genres. The smooth melodies, soulful vocals, and emotional depth of R&B and soul music inspire me to create beats that evoke a sense of warmth, intimacy, and groove. Pop music influences my approach to melody, hooks, and song structure. I incorporate polished production techniques to create beats with broad appeal. The improvisational nature of jazz and the funky grooves of funk music inspire me to experiment with complex chord progressions, jazzy melodies, and funky basslines in my beats. By blending elements from these diverse genres and styles, I strive to create music that is dynamic, engaging, and reflective of my eclectic taste and creative vision.

Can you highlight any notable collaborations or projects that you’ve been involved in or who would you hope to work with in the future?

Every collaboration I’ve had was a highlight moment for me in my career. All the way from the beginning working with my amazing gospel group “God’s Blessing”, it was 3 of us. We all played a major part in the group. I was able to write songs and produce some of the music we sang and performed. I've had the privilege of collaborating on several notable projects that have enriched my journey as a beat maker. One standout collaboration was working with singer/songwriter Knzie on Keeping Secrets, where I contribute my skills in beat making to create a compelling musical experience. I do want to thank everyone who has had a hand in bringing my beats to life. 

What are some of your goals or aspirations within the music industry?

I aim to collaborate with a diverse range of talented artists, musicians, and producers. I aspire to continually hone my craft as a beat maker, striving for artistic excellence in every project I undertake. This includes refining my production skills, exploring new genres and styles, and pushing creative boundaries to create innovative and captivating music. My goal is to release music that makes a lasting impact and connects with listeners on an emotional and artistic level. Whether through singles, EPs, or albums, I seek to create music that leaves a lasting impression and contributes positively to the music industry.

How do you stay innovative and relevant in a constantly evolving music landscape?

Staying innovative and relevant in a constantly evolving music landscape requires a proactive and adaptable approach. I actively explore and draw inspiration from a wide range of musical genres and styles. This helps me stay versatile and adaptable, allowing me to create music that resonates with diverse audiences and remains relevant in changing musical landscapes. I embrace experimentation and risk-taking in my music production, whether it's trying out new sounds, unconventional arrangements, or innovative production techniques. This keeps my music fresh and engaging.

What challenges have you faced in her career so far, and how have you overcome them?

Throughout my career in the music industry, I've encountered various challenges that have tested my resilience and determination. Striking a balance between artistic integrity and commercial viability can be a challenge. I've learned to trust my creative instincts while also being mindful of market trends, audience preferences, and industry standards. Like many artists, I've experienced moments of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. I've cultivated a supportive network of peers, mentors, and collaborators who provide encouragement, constructive feedback, and perspective. Building self-confidence and resilience has been instrumental in facing these challenges head-on. The rapid evolution of technology in music production can be challenging to keep up with. To stay current, I've dedicated time to learning new software, production techniques, and digital marketing strategies. 

Can you describe any significant milestones or achievements in your music production career?

Collaborating with established artists and musicians has been a significant achievement. These collaborations not only provided valuable learning experiences but also helped me expand my network and reach new audiences. Receiving positive feedback from listeners, critics, and industry professionals has been gratifying. It reinforces the impact and quality of my music production work and encourages me to continue creating meaningful and impactful music. Having my tracks streamed on major streaming platforms and music blogs was a significant achievement. It helped increase visibility, attract new listeners, and gain recognition within the music industry.

What advice would you give to any aspiring female beat makers or producers?

To aspiring female beat makers or producers, my advice would be to embrace your uniqueness and authenticity. Your perspective, experiences, and creativity as a woman in the music industry are invaluable assets that can set you apart. Educate yourself continuously, whether through formal education, online resources, or mentorship opportunities. Build a strong network of peers and mentors, seek collaboration opportunities, and don't be afraid to showcase your work and promote yourself confidently. Stay resilient in the face of challenges, believe in your talent, and remember that your voice and contribution as a female producer are essential in shaping the future of music.

Before you go, could you name another artist that you feel is So FN Dope and tell us why? 

One artist that I find incredibly impressive and "So FN Dope" is Knzie. She stands out for her unique blend of poetic lyricism, soulful melodies, and innovative production. Knzie’s ability to weave intricate storytelling with social commentary in her music is captivating, making her a voice of authenticity and substance in the R&B landscape. 

We can’t thank you enough for interviewing with us. We wish you the best. Keep doing your thing. 

Thank you for having me. I am very honored for this opportunity. 

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