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Vaeh Marie: Spitting Fire & Telling Her Truth

Vaeh Marie
Vaeh Marie

Coming straight out of the Midwest, where soul and hip hop converge into a vibrant tapestry of sound, emerges a rising star from the heart of South Bend, Indiana. Vaeh Marie, an extremely dope and lyrically adept artist, has swiftly carved her niche in the rap game with her distinctive style and emotive delivery. Her journey into music began as a means of transforming her pain into artistry that resonates deeply with her audience. Inspired by a blend of life experiences, Vaeh Marie's music reflects the complexities of human emotion with raw honesty. Under the guidance of Ben Frank Official Management, she has already made waves with hits like "Goat In My City" and "Punch Me In," featuring fellow label mate MLB Phatzz. As she continues to evolve as an artist, Vaeh Marie's aspirations include someday collaborating with industry icons and by the looks of it she is on the right track. Check out our exclusive interview with Vaeh Marie.

SFND MAG: Vaeh Marie. What’s good? We can’t thank you enough for interviewing with us. How have you been?

Vaeh Marie: Wassap wassap , everything is great how about yourself? And thank you for having me!  

SFND MAG: Growing up in the Midwest, what would you say initially caused you to gravitate towards rap music?

Vaeh Marie: ​Actually my life gravitated me towards rap music. Such as my upbringing, challenges faced mentally and externally. Not so much where I grew up.

SFND MAG: How has your personal journey and experiences shaped your approach to songwriting and performing?

Vaeh Marie:  I’ve come a very long way! It went from writing for myself to express my feelings; Basically a coping mechanism to sharing my music and being able to inspire and influence others . The last 4 years I’ve grown a fan base which encouraged me to go harder with my writing and to get out of my shell and actually perform. My anxiety was horrible in the beginning which is why I only posted videos of me rapping in the car. But over time I actually started to get excited to perform just because I was amazed that people knew the words to my songs and that people actually wanted to see me thrive In person 

SFND MAG: Can you share more about your creative process when crafting lyrics and melodies?

Vaeh Marie: The process of me writing and my melodies will always be based off of my mood and emotion. It always has been . Whatever I am feeling in that moment. Very rarely it is off influence. 

SFND MAG: You have a few records going hard in the streets  the last couple years. What inspired the title and themes of your hit tracks "Goat In My City" and "Punch Me In"?

​Vaeh Marie: ​“Goat in my city” is one of the songs that actually extracted me from my shell. It was summer when I wrote it and I was in full throttle mode. Some people questioned my authenticity and where I stood when it came to a female rapper in my city which came to the conclusion of the title and the theme of the track. It’s funny because I actually would work on “punch me in '' simultaneously which should briefly show you what kind of mindset I was in. Punch me in is definitely a fan favorite when I’m performing. Me and MLB Phatzz definitely set it off when creating that track together. It’ll always be a classic.

Vaeh Marie
Vaeh Marie

SFND MAG: Tell us a little about your latest record Don Da Da. How did this record come about?

Vaeh Marie: When I created the track Don Da Da I was definitely pissed off. My character and patience was being challenged at the time. It started as a diss but throughout the song I had to assure that people understood who I am . I’m on a pedestal when it comes to my enemies. “Don•Da•Da” meaning The highest don, meaning the most respected. 

SFND MAG: Lately, it seems that the ladies have been running the rap game. Artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Sexxy Redd, and  Ice Spice all have made huge impacts on the current music scene. How do you feel your music stands out within the hip-hop landscape, particularly as a female artist?

Vaeh Marie: I feel like I stand out from other female artists because lyrically I’m a problem and I rarely follow trends. I rap my own flow about my own topics and 9/10 it’s nothing similar to what other females are expressing. As well as my music being diverse for females and males.

SFND MAG: What role has Ben Frank Official Management played in your artistic development?

Vaeh Marie: Ben Frank has been a great manager and has stopped at nothing to expand my brand for the last 4 years . I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for his drive when it came to getting me to see my own potential . Bookings, photo shoots, video shoots, interviews, podcasts all of the above. He pushes me to levels I would’ve never pushed myself. Most of all he Showed me that it's always important to have a team. Easiest way to elevate . His plans for my music and my brand always come with motive and is always beneficial. If I owe anybody when it comes to the music, it’s him. 

SFND MAG: Who are some of your musical influences, and how have they impacted your style?

Vaeh Marie: My top musical influences will always be Young M.A., Meek Mill , and Nicki Minaj of course . I always studied their lyrics and motive when writing which eventually helped me find my sound.

SFND MAG: What are your goals and aspirations for the future of your music?

Vaeh Marie: At first I wanted nothing, I just wanted to get my feelings out. But now that I have a fan base and people actually look forward to hearing my music … I want everything that’s possible to come. 

SFND MAG: Could you share any details about your upcoming projects or collaborations?

Vaeh Mari​e: I have a couple major projects to come “Toxic” and “Crooked Smile”; Specifically 2 songs that I am excited for and I know for a fact the gworlzzz will be able to relate. The treatment for the videos has me on the edge of my seat . I believe It’s definitely going to bring elevation. I have not yet set anything in place for any collaborations but I do have my eye on a couple artists that I have been interested to work with.

SFND MAG: Being an independent artist has never been easy. In fact, many would say that it is much more difficult than being a signed artist. How do you navigate challenges and setbacks in the industry, and what advice would you give to aspiring artists such as yourself?

Vaeh Marie: Being an independent artist will never be easy .Being signed will ALWAYS have its perks . Things are always up and down and you can get easily discouraged . Losing motivation and writers block are my biggest challenges every now and then but I swear by telling myself to pick my chin up ,poke my chest out . And come to out a beast EVERY TIME. Sometimes it may take longer to snap out of it but everytime that happens I return better than I left . Clean mindset . Ready to work .

Vaeh Marie
Vaeh Marie

SFND MAG: What message or emotions do you hope listeners take away from your music?

Vaeh Marie: The main message I try to send out is be confident in yourself. Most importantly, love yourself. I want my listeners to Look in the mirror and feel some type of encouragement or uplifting when listening to my music . It put me in an unstoppable mindset . Tunnel vision type of mode . I don’t see any competition but me . I want my listeners to feel the same way. 

SFND MAG: Finally, who would be your dream collaboration and why?

Vaeh Marie: Glorilla. I just feel like she’s in her prime right now and that our flow, aurora, and energy combined would be one for the books!

SFND MAG: Could you name another artist that you think is So FN Dope and tell us why?

Vaeh Marie: Another artist that’s So FN Dope is definitely Young M.A. I just feel like lyrically she’s untouchable. Very much underrated! 


SFND MAG: We can’t thank you enough for this interview. We wish you much more continued success.

Vaeh Marie: Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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