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Behind the Scenes with Goapele: The Making of So FN Dope Magazine's 20th Issue Cover

Photography by Ulises Garcia | Caravan Film Crews

The music industry without a doubt is full of talented artists, but there are only a handful of visionaries who transcend the margins of sound and emotion, captivating the hearts and minds of listeners all over the world. Renowned singer and songwriter, Goapele, is undeniably one of those exceptional individuals.

Talent | Goapele Wardrobe Stylist| Amanda Massi Makeup Artist| Charisma Renee Videographer| Alex Toro

Photographer| Ulises Garcia of Caravan Film Crews

Throughout her remarkable career, Goapele has consistently delivered phenomenal bodies of work as well as unforgettable musical performances that resonate with a global audience, defying industry norms as an independent artist. Her music rises above cultural boundaries and speaks to the depths of the human spirit. With classics like “Closer” etched in the hearts of her fans, Goapele continues to be a beloved figure in the world of music. Now that her latest project has arrived, it’s evident that her artistic vision remains as vibrant as ever, as her seventh studio album COLOURS promises to be a sensational experience that will once again leave a profound mark on the music industry and her listeners. We were blessed enough to have her grace the cover of our 20th Issue of So FN Dope Magazine. We also had an amazing conversation with Goapele as we talked about her latest album, and her new line of scented candles. This is an interview you don’t want to miss. Download our mobile app and subscribe to view our digital magazines or visit to check out our interview with Goapele.


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