Without a doubt this has definitely been the single most challenging year to date for So FN Dope Magazine. With everything happening in the world, coupled with social distancing, shutdowns, reopening, and then more shutdowns, I am sure we have all experienced how difficult it has become to have that connection with others that we all crave. You may have noticed that we, like many other businesses decided to take some time off to fall back and regroup during the pandemic.  We wanted to ensure that we had the best opportunity to give quality content to our audience for our upcoming issues. We sincerely thank you all for your patience and support during our regrouping phase and as we worked to develop better ways to facilitate content to you all. Please be on the lookout for many exciting new additions to our platform coming in 2022.

     In the meantime, for issue fifteen we really wanted to put together an incredibly special Singer/Songwriter issue for our audience. This issue is filled with extremely talented artists. We are glad to have had the honor to interview several singer/songwriters, each with his or her own unique contribution to the music game. From the futuristically retro sounds of Darien Dorsey to soulful vocals performers like Berkley the Artist and LaShonda Schofield, to the rhythmic island vibes of Jamaican Pop star OMI, this issue is sure to keep you on your toes with great interviews and even better music. We certainly hope you will enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. Please continue to be safe out there, and as always,

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