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[BALTIMORE, MD] - Introducing The LFTOVRZ, an emblem of the future in the music industry, an embodiment of raw talent, unique style, and dedicated craftsmanship. This innovative band is not just Infanity's latest addition, but they represent a rejuvenating force in the music realm, challenging norms, and leading the way in the Web2 and Web3 landscapes through music NFTs.

The LFTOVRZ is a powerhouse of eight talented musicians. At the helm, we find Gary Groove, the music director, bassist, producer, and arranger, the dynamo that drives the band. Kyle Foster charms on the keys while Mad Max conquers with his guitar. The rhythm section is impeccably managed by Donte Brooks and Troy Nelson. The captivating vocals? You have Angela Darlene, Liam Custis, and Lance Custis to thank for that. They are The LFTOVRZ, the name to remember in the future of music.

Their roots trace back to Baltimore, Maryland, originating from the band Dem Bmore Katz. As destiny would have it, the ensemble morphed into The LFTOVRZ under the visionary leadership of Gary Groove. The band transitioned from backing other artists to composing their own unique sound.

Their sound is an eclectic mix, difficult to define, yet strikingly familiar. It's an unconventional fusion of Pop, Jazz, R'n'B, Hip Hop, and Funk, reflecting their diverse influences and backgrounds. As an alternative band creating exceptional music, they carve out their own distinctive path in today's music landscape.

Each band member contributes their unique flair to this musical collective. Gary, the visionary, brings invaluable music knowledge, industry acumen, and influential connections. Angela and Liam, the soulful lyricists, weave narratives through their songwriting. The architects of sound – Troy, Kyle, and Lance, shape the music, while Mad Max and Donte Brooks infuse life into each track with their instrumental prowess. Together, they embody the rhythm, melody, and soul of The LFTOVRZ.

In this band, camaraderie marries individuality, seriousness meshes with humor, and a resolute focus on their mission harmonizes with the pure joy of creation. Their voyage from Baltimore's heart to the brink of musical innovation is not merely an ascendant band's tale; it signifies shared dreams and an indomitable drive towards a future owned by artists daring enough to redraw the music boundaries.

Their partnership with Infanity, a growing presence in the music industry, especially in Web3, as a platform and marketplace for music NFTs supporting independent music artists, opens the doorway to incredible opportunities. Embracing music NFTs, they are carving a digital path in the music world, leveraging blockchain technology to enhance creative freedom, ownership, and fan engagement. This isn't just a significant move for The LFTOVRZ; it's a landmark in the evolution of music, setting the stage for future artists.

Gary and The LFTOVRZ strongly believe in their creed: “We represent the forgotten ones. The casualties, the OG‘s. The going to be’s… The should be‘s… The could be‘s… The wannabes… The latch keys. The could have-beens that should have-beens… The has-beens. The children in the group homes… The home alone‘s… The runaways… The castaways. The ones that have never been found and that have been gone for many days. The ones that have died and no one knows. The ones that cases are closed . We stand on their shoulders. We are and fight for The LFTOVRZ.”

Stay tuned, stay connected, and join The LFTOVRZ on this extraordinary journey with upcoming exciting projects and performances.. They're here, not just to participate, but to take over.

To learn more about The LFTOVRZ, check out their webpage and Instagram.

To learn more about Infanity, check out their website and social media channels: Discord, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

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