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Kevin Hart and BET Revive Comedy Classic as ComicView Returns for Hartbeat Weekend in Las Vegas

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart's production company, Hartbeat, and BET, have joined forces to bring a fresh yet familiar, dose of comedy to television. Comedian Kevin Hart recently announced the revival of the popular show ComicView as part of the upcoming Hartbeat Weekend in Las Vegas, making fans excited for what's to come.

The all-new episodes of ComicView are set to be filmed live on-location at Resorts World, with an enthusiastic audience in attendance. Renowned comedian Mike Epps will be hosting and the lineup of comedic talents is nothing short of extraordinary! The lineup of comedians is set to impress, featuring talented individuals such as Tommy Davidson, Tacarra Williams, Tony T. Roberts, Bresha Webb, D.C. Young Fly, and even the multi-platinum rapper, Tip "T.I." Harris, who will be making his comedic standup debut.

This highly anticipated event aims to capture the essence of the original ComicView, which was a staple on the BET network from the early 90’s into the 2000’s and served as a national platform for emerging comedians. Both BET's CEO and President, Scott Mills and Kevin Hart expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. Mills acknowledged the impact ComicView had on the comedy industry over the past three decades, launching the careers of numerous comedy superstars. He also emphasized his anticipation for the new generation of talented and rising comedians set to grace the stage.

Having previously hosted ComicView, the Jumanji star, Hart understands the incredible platform it offers for comedians to showcase their talents on a national stage. He is thrilled to continue that tradition in Las Vegas, ensuring a memorable event for comedy enthusiasts.

This partnership between Hartbeat and BET, will set the stage for the revival of ComicView promises to deliver a hilarious and unforgettable experience, paying homage to the show's legacy while introducing a new wave of comedic talent. Fans can't wait to witness this comedic extravaganza and indulge in an evening of laughter, entertainment, and cultural celebration.

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