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Multi-talented Athlete Anthony Hamilton Jr. Makes a Slam Dunk Debut in White Men Can't Jump Remake

Updated: May 19, 2023

Anthony Hamilton Jr. at the premier of White Men Can't Jump

Meet the multi-talented and charismatic athlete-turned-digital creator, Anthony Hamilton Jr, whose fame has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to his viral social media presence and content creation. Known for his explosive ability on the basketball and his impressive 52 inch vertical leap, Hamilton has amassed a huge following online for his entertaining videos, and over the course of his career has been featured on some of the most recognized platforms in sports such as ESPN, Overtime, Ballislife and Dunkademics. Hamilton is the founder of The Dunk Collective and he has also even managed to secure a position as a social creative and media talent with Sports Illustrated. Now, Hamilton is set to make his big-screen debut in the highly anticipated remake of the classic basketball film, White Men Can't Jump. With his athleticism, charm, and undeniable star power, Hamilton was a perfect fit for this movie. We were able to interview Anthony Hamilton Jr. to learn more about his journey as an athlete, influencer, entrepreneur and now actor. He was able to give us a taste of what to expect from his performance in the film. Check out our interview with Anthony Hamilton Jr.

SFND MAG: Ant! What's up, my brother! So glad to have you interview with us. Before we get started, tell our readers a little about yourself. (Where are you from, and where you grew up.)

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : I'm from Hawthorne, CA, and I grew up in South Bay, Los Angeles!

SFND MAG: We've watched some of your content, and all we can say is WOW! Your athletic ability is just insane. As a successful athlete and social media influencer, you have been able to turn your abilities into opportunities. Do you recall what it was like having your first viral moment online?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : My first viral moment online was a YouTube video at Venice Beach, where I touched a bell that was 12'6" tall!

SFND MAG: We've noticed that you are also a savvy businessman. What is the mission behind your company, The Dunk Collective?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : My mission behind The Dunk Collective is to break the ceiling of slam dunking and to bring the greatest dunkers on the planet onto one team to help build more events in opportunities for the younger generation. We have ticket sales starting at the end of this month to promote our world tour of events with the guys and local communities.

SFND MAG: Obviously, you have a huge following on social media; how do you manage to balance your personal brand with your day-to-day life?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : Managing my day-to-day social media career is very similar to being a multi-sport, Division I athlete. Being able to juggle my responsibilities at Clemson mentally trained me to handle all the business I handle now.

SFND MAG: Most recently, you have expanded your talents to the realm of acting. What was the most challenging part of transitioning from sports to acting?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : There was nothing very difficult about transitioning into the space because the opportunity was respected enough to be given to me because of the work and my resume, but I am always open to taking new, more and challenging opportunities in the future.

SFND MAG: What was the most rewarding?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : I feel like the most rewarding thing with everything that I do is the fact that I'm able to inspire younger kids to attempt to do what they want to do without the fear of failing.

SFND MAG: Can you tell us about your character in White Men Can't Jump, and in what way do you feel like you relate to him in real life?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : My character in White Men Cant Jump is young Kamal Allen, and I am a Division I prospect that throws my career away because of my head's temper. I feel like I can relate to Kamal in real life because I was definitely a hothead on the court before I found my own mental stability in the sport.

Anthony Hamilton Jr. on the set of White Men Can't Jump

SFND MAG: How did your experience as an athlete help you in your acting performance? Are there any surprising similarities between the two?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : My experience as an athlete helped my performance on camera because many of my scenes were based on my athletic ability in basketball. One of the things that stood out to me was the athletic standard that had to be held to set the tone for the Basketball community.

SFND MAG: While on set, did you receive any good acting advice from any seasoned actors? And did you have to give any advice or pointers to any of the other actors on the basketball court while filming?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : I absolutely did not give anybody any type of advice on set because it was my first time on set, HAHA. I was ALSO taking in the moment, but one of the moments that stood out to me, the most advice-wise, was having an hour-long conversation with Lance Reddick before he passed away. Lance Reddick plays my father in the film. We were on set, talking about how young he looked and how excited he was to be a part of a basketball project.

Be sure to go watch White Men Cant Jump on Hulu.

Film Director Calmatic, Lance Reddick, Anthony Hamilton Jr., Blake Griffin and more on set of White Men Can't Jump

SFND MAG: What advice would you give to aspiring athletes or creators who want to pursue a career in acting or entertainment?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : I would love to advise anybody wanting to pursue this career that it does not happen the first time and is not an easy task. Making sure that you are patient and that you dedicate the appropriate time to your craft to make you stand out is very important in this process.

SFND MAG: Do you have any other upcoming projects, ventures, or perhaps other films in the works that you're excited about?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : Going into the summer, I'm working on The Dunk Collective full-time, and I also have a record label with an artist that's dropping a song with a very prestigious and well-known artist. I will just continue to make myself available for future projects, and I'm excited to see what the future holds after the screening and showcase of White Men Can't Jump.

Jack Harlow & Anthony Hamilton Jr. at the premier of White Men Can't Jump

SFND MAG: When and where can we see you in the new White Men Can't Jump remake? What is the official release date?

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : White Men Cant Jump is available and out now only on Hulu!

SFND MAG: Thanks again, Anthony, for taking the time to interview with us. Before you go, let us know where our readers can find you on social media.

Anthony Hamilton Jr. : All my platforms are Anthony Hamilton Jr! (@hamilt0njr)

Anthony Hamilton Jr. & Sinqua Walls at the premier of White Men Can't Jump

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