Exclusive Interview with Morton Record's R&B duo The Amours

This next R&B duo undoubtedly has a sound that is unmatched. Their latest EP “Mon Amour” took the R&B world by storm and their incredible songs, harmonies, and production is sending shockwaves throughout the industry. Check out our exclusive interview with Morton Records recording artists The Amours.

SFND MAG: What’s up, what’s up, what’s up. We cannot thank y’all enough for agreeing to interview with us. How are y’all feeling?

Jakiya: We’re great! Thank you for having us!

SFND MAG: Please introduce yourselves and tell us where you all are from.

JAKIYA: My name is Jakiya

SHAINA: I’m Shaina

JAKIYA: We’re from Washington, DC.

SFND MAG: First of all, we have to say how beautiful your voices are and how DOPE your sound is collectively. The sound is so refreshing especially in the era of music that we are in right now. When did the two of you start singing together? How did it all begin?

JAKIYA: We’re sisters! We’ve sung together all our lives! Growing up we started at church and later our mom put us in different musical theater camps and clubs for us to get training. In 2014, we officially became “The Amours” and we’ve been going ever since.

SFND MAG: We see that y’all are on tour right now! Tell us a little about that experience and what are your favorite things about being on the road?

SHAINA: Tour is amazing. We’ve learned so much on the road. You gain so much discipline as a singer, especially how often we tour. Connecting with the audience every night is a crazy experience on top of being on stage with people we love. It’s truly worthwhile.

SFND MAG: What’s been your favorite city so far and why?

SHAINA: We both LOVE Amsterdam! The shopping and aesthetics of the city are


SFND MAG: So you all are signed to Morton Records correct? What has it been like being one of the very first artists signed the label?

JAKIYA: Yes, we are! Shout outs to Morton Records! We’re super honored to be the first artist signed! At Morton, everyone is fully invested in what we’re doing. It feels great to be backed by people who see your vision the way you see it and support you 100%.

SFND MAG: What is it like working with PJ Morton?

JAKIYA: P is awesome! Working with him has by far, been one of the greatest partnerships we’ve had. That’s our bro. We’ve learned so much over the past two years from him. It’s almost like we’ve known each other forever! To sum it all up though, Once you start working with PJ Morton you literally never stop working. [LAUGHS] He keeps us busy!

SFND MAG: Let’s talk about the EP!!!!!!! We love the project. Elaborate on the creative process of this body of work.

SHAINA: Mon Amour! Whew! Our baby! [LAUGHS] We like to call it a love roller coaster! Six songs filled with different perspectives of love. The ups and downs. It’s a super fun EP that Us, PJ, and our team created together. Our two main “Amour Signatures” are harmony and blending so we wanted to showcase that in a nice tasteful R&B way. When creating “Mon Amour,” we took time to make records that felt fresh and special only. Real music for the heart.

SFND MAG: Your single seems to be doing well! How have people received it! It’s very catchy! I’ve been singing it all week. Singing All the time ... All the time... All the timmmmme! [LAUGHS]

SHAINA: Allllaaaatime! Aye! People have been receiving it very well! It’s a super fun summer bop that’s talking about wanting to be with that special someone all the time and realizing the impact they have on you once you’re away from them. It’s been super cool seeing people on social media, riding around to it jamming in their cars! [LAUGHS] We’re glad it’s stuck in your head!

JAKIYA: Everything was in house! Morton Records is growing! Of course, PJ was the executive producer and spearheaded everything. We also had one of our producers Erick Bardales, work on it who’s also signed to Morton and a writer out of Canada named Kali Pop who joined us and wrote two songs on the record.

SFND MAG: We thoroughly enjoyed the EP... it definitely left us wanting to hear more... especially enjoyed “Mon Amour” and “Runaway”. The harmonies on those two songs are crazy dope! Do you all do your own vocal arrangements for the recordings?

SHAINA: We do! We like to call it our “Amours Touch”! [LAUGHS] That’s one of our favorite parts. PJ helps as well.

SFND MAG: Out of all your songs, which is your favorite on the EP and why?

JAKIYA: It’s so hard to choose! We love all of the songs. They all tie into one! We’re emotionally connected to all of them! You can’t just choose one when they’re all special [LAUGHS]

SFND MAG: Can we anticipate any music videos or visuals for the EP soon?

SHAINA: Soon Come. “Periodt”! [LAUGHS]

SFND MAG: Do y’all also write songs as well?

JAKIYA: Yes, we write music as well. However, working with PJ who is a master songwriter, we’ve become students! Relearning the art of songwriting. He knows how to write hits! That’s what we’re aspiring to do!

SFND MAG: I hope it isn’t too soon to ask for more because I know the EP just dropped but can we expect any full-length projects from you soon? Is there anything in the works?

SHAINA: Stay Tuned. “Periodt”! [LAUGHS]

SFND MAG: Being newcomers in the industry, what do you hope to accomplish with your music? Where do you see yourselves in the next 3-5 years?

JAKIYA: We definitely want to let people know that there’s hope in R&B music! We’re the future! In the next 3-5 years, we want to be known globally and continue to produce amazing music! Hopefully, we can tap into the film world! We have a theater background. Of course, we want the accolades, Grammys, BET awards, AMAs, etc. but that doesn’t determine our worth! Continuing to give people amazing music and pushing the culture forward is what we’re looking forward too!

SFND MAG: Obviously, you have developed a unique style and sound. What influences helped nurture that style? Who do you think your biggest musical influences are, and how have they shaped vocal style, writing skills and shaped you as an artist?

SHAINA: Well with being a sister duo, we have a strong love for family groups! We love The Clark Sisters & The Braxton’s. As far as solo artists, we love Anita Baker. We look up to these artists for their tone, their control, and as far as the family groups... their blend. We’ve definitely taken tips from watching them over the years that helps us today. Shout outs to the Clark Sisters for staying together after all these years. We want to show people that staying together still exists. Jakiya and I are actual friends in addition to being siblings so that’s why it works for us. That’s important.

SFND MAG: What advice would you give to other young women aspiring to take a similar path that you all have taken as it pertains to making moves in the music industry?

JAKIYA: Integrity will get you far! Don’t settle and just be yourself! There’s room for all of us!

SFND MAG: How can your fans reach you on Social Media?

SHAINA: You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook @TheAmours and on Twitter @The_Amours

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