"UP NEXT" with Hip-Hop & R&B trio CR3W

In today’s industry, it seems that making music is easy but making good music is another story. Nowadays everyone is either a producer or a rapper or a singer, but it is rare to find a group of artists that can do it all; and I mean truly do it all and do it well. This next group is one that is talented in multitude ways and their music clearly speaks for itself. Check out our interview with Hip-Hop and R&B trio CR3W!

SFND MAG: First and foremost, CR3W, we want to thank you for interviewing with So FN Dope Magazine. We are definitely glad to have you. How have ya’ll been? Please…Introduce yourselves.

CR3W: We’ve been well. We are CR3W. Our names are Samario, Khalil, and Jay. We are a Hip-Hop/R&B trio from Mississippi.

SFND MAG: Ayyyyyye!!! We got some brothers from the Sipp in the house! What part of Mississippi or you guys from? How did you guys get started in the industry?

CR3W: Laurel, MS. We were all brought up with a musical background.

SFND MAG: “CR3W” is a dope name by the way. How did you all come up with your group name?

CR3W: Crew was just a word we were constantly using in our songs and we even named our first song “Crew Song.” We locked it in on a summer trip in Florida as “CR3W” though.

SFND MAG: Do any of you play any instruments, write, or produce your own music?

CR3W: All of us have the ability to produce. We also write our own music and all.

SFND MAG: So a good friend of mine slipped us the link to your new album “Placid” and we have to say that we thought it was definitely So FN Dope! It completely caught us off guard because the sound is so unique and a great mix between hip-hop and R&B. What was the inspiration behind this project?

CR3W: Placid is relating to emotion meaning not easily upset or excited; calm. We wanted to make a compilation of music in which every song embodied a different emotion. We wanted to give our audience a “roller coaster feel” while staying close knit to our roots and keep the audience engaged.

SFND MAG: Who are some of your influences in music because we can hear small nuances of various artists in your styles throughout the album? The album puts me in the mind of a Childish Gambino / J. Cole / Chance the Rapper /Khalid kind of vibe. What artists are you influenced by?

CR3W: We are definitely influenced by Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, and J Cole but we are also influenced by groups like The 1975, Brockhampton, and Sonder just to name a few.

SFND MAG: What is your favorite songs on your album and tell us why?

CR3W: Running and Moody are a couple of our favorites. These songs channel who we are and what sets us apart from others in the industry.

SFND MAG: What is your creative process like when working on music?

CR3W: Our creative process involves us bouncing ideas off each other but we never force anything at all.

SFND MAG: Did you all work with any other artists or producers on the project?

CR3W: As far as producers, Gambi, YZ, Ocean Beats, and D’Artistz. There were no other artists on the project.

SFND MAG: Can we expect any visuals from this project or music videos from you guys anytime soon?

CR3W: We have been communicating with a couple of videographers. One of which is in our inner friend group, Ok the Kidd.

SFND MAG: With so many artists attempting to make a name for themselves in the industry currently, what do you personally think makes your style different from other groups in the game right now?

CR3W: Regardless of what we hear in the media or on the radio, we stay true to ourselves. By making music that goes against the grain of popularity, we can assure the originality of our music.

SFND MAG: You guys have made some huge strides in the last couple of years. Where do you guys like to see yourselves 3 years from today?

CR3W: The ultimate goal is to better ourselves as human, but musically, we see ourselves making music that pushes an agenda far more couth than our peers are accustomed to.

SFND MAG: Are you guys seeking a major label or do you think staying independent is a better move?

CR3W: Right now, we are staying independent, but if the right opportunity comes, signing might be an option.

SFND MAG: What advice would you give to other upcoming artist that may be inspired by your artistry?

CR3W: Be genuine more than anything, your craft is an expansion of yourself.

SFND MAG: Where can your fans find your music on the Internet?

CR3W: Our entire discography is on SoundCloud but our more recent songs can be found on all streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, etc.

SFND MAG: How can your fans reach you on social media?

CR3W: Our group account can be found on Instagram @theoffcialcr3w and Facebook as CR3W.

SFND MAG: Once again, CR3W, thank ya’ll for interviewing with us. It has been a pleasure. We definitely wish you much success in the future.

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