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Entrepreneurship is a journey about self because it forces you as an individual to become in tune with who God really created us to be. According to www.dictionary.com the word entrepreneurship is defined as a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. What sticks out the most to me in the definition of entrepreneurship is the word “risk.” Every person that decides to become an entrepreneur will at some point have to engage in some type of risk. It’s not just financial risks involved in being a business owner there is also the chance you may learn more about your “inner self” than planned.(Biggest gift of all....smile....it’s going to be harder than it looks but so worth it.)

I’ve been a habitual entrepreneur since 2010; not always finishing what I start, (thanks to anxiety and depression) and taking my fair share of preliminary or safe “risks” but not totally committing 100% to ensuring my businesses success. Fast forward to 2019 and I am still learning about how business should be run. Some things come natural for me as an entrepreneur; for example, if you need an idea on how to solve a problem, manage a project, brand development or publicity then my company Tatiana Denson Brand & Talent Management Firm is the company to get it done.

Now the behind the scenes are not always so pretty. “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” (as the old folks used to say) just to pay a bill, and invest in your business at the same time... “whew chile’...” LOL! It is hard work. Or what about when a deal falls through in its infancy stage and leaves you questioning yourself as a business owner, as a woman, heck, just as a person in general? These situations or “feelings” that may arise are enough to push you to the brink of greatness or the point of insanity. (Sometimes both depending on the severity.) Being an entrepreneur forces you beyond your comfort zone it pulls you into a world of whatever the “right now” trend is. In business, you have to study target markets, marketing trends, and financial analysis.

What is often not taught, or spoken of is the emotional stamina needed to be able to fight through fears, doubts, and realization that a change in character is needed before real success is obtained. There is a plethora of entrepreneurs out here selling weave, spiritual candles, energy readings, clothing, butt plumping cream, and the list goes on. Social media has become a vital part of every entrepreneur’s marketing strategy. Anyone who needs to market a product, service, or personality i.e. “social media comedians,” who have used their natural talent to become a whole new version of what an entrepreneur looks like.

Character is the biggest part of entrepreneurship because it pushes you into another realm of thinking and how you see yourself. As a business owner or persona, how the “public” views you and their perception of what your brand represents is crucial to them wanting your product or service. Everything I hope to become and I see other black women and men rocking their success and I am so proud of all of us! Some of us are holding down full time jobs, taking risks, and being full time entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators. What matters more than money, success, or the accolades is that your soul is intact, your personality is in order, your mental health is in check, and your heart is right. Everything else will follow.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that 2019 will be a year of self-revelation for me as a business owner. This will include changing certain unproductive behaviors, going to therapy sessions; healing from previous business losses and whatever else, God tells or instructs me to do.

There are certain women in the game who I have followed for some years now who either use constant inspiration, business savvy, entertainment, or spirituality to win in the world of entrepreneurship.

I have comprised my list of the Top 5 Black Women Entrepreneurs and reasons why...Hope you enjoy and we should all remember as entrepreneurs that it is about more than building a business it is about building a legacy.

***Not listed by order of importance

Top Five Black

Women Entrepreneurs

According to Character

Karen Civil- One of my favorite Entrepreneurs because she was kind of the Creator of the whole “Brand,” Lifestyle Curator trend. Helping to keep Lil Wayne’s Brand Relevant during his prison stint several years ago.

*Character trait--- Drama free, rises above the drama, never seen her “clap back” at anyone. (Remember it always goes back to character) (Dignified)

Ming Lee- She is the ultimate Marketing genius her entire brand is what defines her as an Entrepreneur all of her videos have real content. Most of them are directed and set up like mini movies to promote her Snob Life Brand, which is an affordable wig, lace wigs, and other hair accessories as well as a full service salon.

*Character trait--- Always stays in her own lane and does not let market trends define or distract her from her marketing strategy. (Innovative)

Supa Cent- Is the ultimate example of “If you can dream you can believe it” A social media make-up sensation and inventor of The Crayon Case. Cent who started and became popular in 2013. Supa Cent (real name) Raynell Steward, made headlines when she made a million dollars in just 90 minutes in November of 2018. She is proof that it doesn’t matter who you know or how long you’ve been in the game as an entrepreneur what matters is how you CHANGE the game when you step in it.

*Character Trait--- She supports and roots for her Sisters to win. She is humble and gives back. Paying it forward is always a winning move. (Compassionate)

Milano-Creator of Milano Di Rouge a unisex street wear brand created in 2012 and is fast becoming a world-renowned brand based out of Philadelphia, PA. Milan’s individuality is what sets her apart as she is also classy and is consistent in her brand recognition. You can tell she is an entrepreneur who is here to stay in the fashion industry.

*Character Trait--- Milano makes sure her she includes her hometown of Philadelphia, her family, and friends in her vision. (Leader)

Tiphani Montgomery

-She is a speaker, author, and influencer. Last but definitely not least an anointed woman of “GOD” who plays no games, and is a force to be reckoned with. Before she was saved, Tiphani Montgomery was selling books out of the bar she worked in and became a self-published bestselling author and because entrepreneurship is always associated with some type of “personal growth”, Montgomery then went on to start Kingdom Entrepreneur University. I actually listen to her Periscopes weekly because she keeps it real, transparent and gives you a Godly vision of what entrepreneurship should look like.

*Character Trait--- A leader amongst leaders, self-taught, assertive, faith-driven. (Born Entrepreneur)

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