B-BLESS : The Lost Prince

SFND MAG: Man we definitely, want to thank you for interviewing with So FN Dope Magazine. We are very glad to have you. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and how did you get started in music?

B-BLESS: My name is B-Bless, I’m from Queens, NY, born and raised. I got my start in music around the 2008. I always loved Hip hop, I originally wanted to be behind the scenes and start a label, but I was convinced by my boy K.Blake to start rapping myself, and we created the group Paperchase Clique.

SFND MAG: So you rap and you are business savvy as well. That’s how you have to be in today’s industry. So tell us how would you describe your music you create with Paperchase Clique?

B-BLESS: My music is inside and outside the box. I am very moody musically, so I like to challenge myself and do more than just typical rap songs, I feel I can flip out on any beat, whether it be pop, rap, rock.

SFND MAG: That’s what’s up. It must be difficult to think outside the box at times with so many artists biting the styles of other artist and actually making an impact in the industry. What do you feel is the most difficult part about being an independent artist in today’s industry?

B-BLESS: The most difficult part of being an indie artist is getting exposure. Constantly trying to convince someone to give you a chance no matter how proven you feel you are.

SFND MAG: Do you feel that you distinguish yourself from other artist? What makes your style different from other artist out there?

B-BLESS: I actually take time in writing lyrics; I’m very self-conscious on how my creative my lyrics are. I don’t like saying the same things everyone else says the same way.

SFND MAG: Very cool man. Let’s talk a bit about your album. Tell us about your latest project .

B-BLESS: My latest Project is ‘The Lost Prince’ album. I named it that because I am a legit African Prince. My father is a King in Ghana (mom is Black American) so I named it ‘The Lost Prince’ to more so describe me trying to find my own path while balancing the two cultures.

SFND MAG: Now that was definitely something that I was not expecting to hear; which kind of brings me to my next question. What are a few more things that your fans may not know about you?

B-BLESS: The African Prince thing from the previous question asked. I kind of mention it in passing, to try and keep some anonymity in regards to who my father is, but it’s a big part of my story. I’m also a huge trivia and television nerd.

SFND MAG: As far as your album goes, What is your personal favorite song on your album and why?

B-BLESS: There’s so many! But I would say the song ‘Everyday’ it’s one of those songs where I blacked out on it. I was in my bag for sure. I didn’t know how dope it was lyrically until I actually listened to it objectively.

SFND MAG: Who did you have a chance to work with on this album, and who could you see yourself working with in the future?

B-BLESS: I’ve worked with Kojo the Gladiator, Kace the producer, K. Blake from Paperchase Clique. I would love to work with DJ Khaled, he has a true vision of how a song should be and he executes his vision.

SFND MAG: Are there any other artist that you think are “So FN Dope” ? Why?

B-BLESS: I think Big Sean is dope, he’s a low key dope lyricist, and I would say Royce Da 5’9 is one of my favorite rappers. Big Pun, Pac, Nas, Biggie and The Roots of course.

SFND MAG: What advice would you give to other upcoming artist that may be inspired by your artistry?

B-BLESS: My advice is, do your research, have a plan of attack, and be financially smart. You don’t have to be cheap but you don’t have to spend a lot of money either.

SFND MAG: Where can your fans find your music on the internet?

B-BLESS: My music can be found on, ITunes, apple music, Spotify, Tidal. Pretty much everywhere you can stream and download. Just type in B-Bless and my whole catalog will pop up.

SFND MAG: How can your fans reach you on social media




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