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Meet Last Letterz

Last Letterz
Last Letterz

Last Letterz, is a passionate musician and songwriter hailing from the vibrant musical scene of New Orleans, LA. With a career spanning over a decade, Last Letterz has been crafting his unique blend of Hip-Hop infused with the soulful influences of Neo Soul, Jazz, and Blues. His latest track "and lost?" serves as a testament to his dedication to creating captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with audiences.

What’s good fam. We appreciate you for interviewing with us. We are glad to have you in this issue. How have you been?

Glad to hear from you all. I been good man staying alive and creating new music and good vibes.

Last Letterz is a very interesting stage name. What is the story behind it?

Originally my name was ZZ Tunes and a lot of people when I was performing was messing up my name so I changed it to Last Letterz to make it easier to for folks to remember. I also go by ZZ Voodoo whenever I go into producer mode.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music, particularly in the hip-hop genre?

Growing up we had music all around us so I was definitely gonna have that piece in me. From playing trumpet back in grade school to making beats in high school I just wanted to make dope sounding music. I used to write poems to girls I liked and they were feeling them so I just started turning them into raps [LAUGHS].

How has growing up in New Orleans influenced your musical style and creative process?

Listening to Jazz and Blues to like 70s & 80s stuff that heavily influenced me when I first started making music. Then playing in the band most like us in New Orleans and just in the uproar of Cash Money blowing up worldwide everyone was trying to rap. Between Curren$y, Lil Wayne, Dilla and MF Doom that’s like the core or my music style upbringing.

Can you tell us about the journey of creating your latest track "and lost?" What was the inspiration behind it?

Just what simply of being in love with good p*ssy [LAUGH] But in honestly with “and lost?” I want the person that listens to it to remember a time where you were in love and confused on what to do going forward. In most situations you simply get lost in love & good p*ssy.

New Orleans is known for having a very rich music culture. Your music blends Hip-Hop with Neo Soul, Jazz, and Blues influences. How do you approach incorporating these diverse elements into your sound?

Samples definitely it hits you when you hear it and know where it comes from. It’s like Hip-Hop Easter eggs to me. With Neo Soul and Blues it’s always good to remember and grow from certain situations because a lot of people goes through the same stuff. Then you just cook it all in a pot a gumbo and you get my style.

What message or themes do you aim to convey through your music and lyrics?

Good vibes definitely I want my music to not only sound good but hit you in the soul. With my lyrics I want people to laugh have fun and understand that we all the same and different at the same time. Just be a good person and your true self overall.

With music seeming to evolve so quickly nowadays. How do you think your music stands out in today's Hip-Hop landscape?

Just simply being authentic everyone wanna a copy people styles just be yourself within music. Sometimes it’s better to just do you.

Who are some of your musical influences, both within hip-hop and outside the genre?

That’s a long ass list but to keep it short B.B. King definitely Howlin Wolf, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder from Daft punk and Weezer had me hooked back in high school. I just gravitate to whatever music I find dope. That’s why I have a vinyl collection to listen to whenever I need inspiration with all kinds of stuff.

Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to?

I been working with a few producers that's helping me with a few singles coming out soon. one out of the UK name (The Den) I’m working with we gonna do a dope Hip-Hop EP with lots of soul samples.

What do you enjoy most about the process of songwriting and music production?

Just writing a dope song and hearing it when it’s mixed and ready. It’s crazy hearing a song in your head and making it come alive through the speakers

Last Letterz
Last Letterz

In your opinion, what role does hip-hop play in addressing social issues and making a positive impact?

A huge role definitely our people use music to communicate and learn even if the music is not teaching. For decades we had many people help through Hip-Hop teach people about the wrongs of time.

How do you balance staying true to your artistic vision while also evolving and experimenting with new sounds?

Just staying refresh and not drowning yourself with trying to come up with something creative. Sometimes you need a day or two to refresh the mind and come up with more idea. Also being authentic and keeping the “New Orleans” culture in it.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are looking to break into the music industry

Keep creating and be honest with yourself don’t rush things and put out wack stuff. Cause people will talk bad about it.

Are there any particular moments or achievements in your career that you are especially proud of?

I have bad anxiety with performing so to perform in my hometown a couple times and out of state really showed me I can do more performances.

Lastly, what do you hope listeners take away from your music and your journey as an artist?

Do dope shit and do be loser. [LAUGHS] Knowledge is power.

Man! We appreciate your time today, and for doing this interview. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more music from you in the future.

Anytime bless up and shout out to Uptown, New Orleans and ya’ll.

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