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Introducing Dynamic New Group: 2BYG


Meet “2BYG,” the dynamic new group that’s bound to make major moves in the industry. With their undeniable harmonies, and unwavering commitment to their craft, this incredible ensemble has set a new standard for music groups in 2024. With a fusion of K-Pop & R&B, “2BYG” has embarked on a journey destined for the stars. We caught up with the guys to discuss their blossoming music careers, their musical influences and what the group has on the radar for 2024.

SFND MAG: What’s up 2BYG! How have you guys been? We can’t thank you all enough for interviewing with us. Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little about each of you all individually!

TOURÈ: Yo wassup! This is Tourè, Matt Brown, and Nixx of 2BYG. It’s an honor, and we thank you all so much!! All three of us attend a performing arts school together, and we all come from musical backgrounds. Matt Brown’s dad sings – he was an aspiring artist. Nixx’s instrumentation comes from his dad who’s a well-known musician. And both sides of my family are musical: my mom is a well-known singer, and my dad was in an R&B group.

MATT: It’s ya boy, Matt Brown. I’m the “soulful” part of the group, and in my head, I live in the 80/90’s. Growing up in church sparked my love for music, so I started singing at the age of 7 and realized I had a gift.

NIXX: Wassup, it’s Nixx. I’m the music man tryna learn as many instruments as possible, and I’m a huge Stevie Wonder fan.

TOURÈ: It’s ya boy, Tourè, some may call me the “chill” one in the group, but my love for music will always be enthused!

SFND MAG: You've been picking up steam and recognition for your incredible harmonies on social media. Can you share with us the journey that led to the formation of your R&B group, and what inspired you all to pursue this path?

MATT: We met doing choir at a small fine arts high school in Fort Worth, Texas. That’s where our relationship began. Tourè’s dad took a photo of us dressed in black tuxedos during our 1st live choir performance together and sent it to Tourè’s uncle, and that’s how the group first started. Because we all had a passion for music, we began to have this natural bond that led to posting videos on Insta of us singing in different spots around the city.

SFND MAG: Your harmonies could easily be described as "soulful, angelic, or sultry”. How do you work together to achieve such seamless vocal synergy, and what role does each member play in creating your unique sound?

TOURÈ: We spent a lot of time listening to each other’s tones; that helped us to see what we can accomplish and to find our sound. We also listened to similar groups who preceded us, like Boyz II Men and Jodeci, who were all known for their great harmonies. Besides singing together in the choir at school, which gives us the technical aspects of harmony, we are also constantly practicing and working on our craft. I have a natural knack/ear for harmony and can figure out different melodies. Then Nixx can break down the melodies and lock those harmonies in from the piano. And Matt Brown has his soulfulness with his voice and usually sings the lead harmony.

SFND MAG:  In an industry that's constantly evolving, what do you believe is going to set your group apart from other rising male R&B acts in 2024?

TOURÈ: Well, us going to a fine arts high school together and meeting in choir are already different from other groups. That’s our glue. The authenticity that we bring is just one of 2BYG’s traits that will always be needed in today’s world where most people are just following one another. We bring an organic fuel that shows in who we are and what we stand for: excellence, integrity, resilience, togetherness, dedication, work ethic, unity, attention to live musicianship, and our leadership.

SFND MAG: Your social media page is filled with incredible covers from various legendary artists and you all sing them to perfection. We saw a cover you all did by New Edition, and also another by Guy, and both were dope. Honestly, in this day and age, you don’t see that often anymore. Well, at least not at a high level. Do you think that you all could be the catalyst to finally bring back real singing and real vocals without the support of autotune?

TOURÈ: Certainly! People are tired of eating fast food; they need good home cookin’. That’s what this is right here! Our goal is to revive authentic singing and genuine musicality for our generation and in today's music scene. In an era filled with singers using voice effects, although we appreciate the creativity, it becomes challenging to distinguish true singing prowess. Our aim is to restore the authenticity and purity of truly exceptional singing voices, yet still provide our young/global sound, R&B flavors, and a street appeal in our music.

SFND MAG: Sadly, we all know that talent is only a small portion of the music industry. You have to have a great team in place to keep the engine going. I’m sure you all have a great support team guiding you all in the right direction and throughout this challenging industry. Who are some of the people that you all have in your corner?

MATT: Our parents play a huge role in guiding us in the right direction because they have nothing but our best interests in mind. Our teachers and our friends, too. Our management team (which consists of Eddie Lemons and Pharoah Davis) is always making sure we are staying on top of our business and prepared for situations that lie ahead of us. Plus, we got our OGs!

TOURÈ: It’s family here. Pharoah happens to be my dad, and Eddie happens to be my uncle.

SFND MAG: Who are some of your musical influences? Have you had an opportunity to meet any of them yet? If so, what advice do they give to you all as young, aspiring, up and coming artists in the industry?

MATT: Musically, we all have our own individual idols. A musical influence that we think might take most people by surprise...? One of the interesting influences of our former 2BYG member was his girlfriend who happened to be in a K-Pop group.

Fortunately, we’ve been blessed to receive wisdom from a few of our musical influences: Grammy Award-winning producer J. White Did It (artists include Cardi B, 21 Savage, and Megan Thee Stallion) Three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Troy Taylor, Cheryl “Coko” Gamble from SWV (one of the best-selling girl groups of all time) who we were introduced to by way of J. White, and Kirk Franklin, just to name a few. The common advice we’ve gotten is to stay focused and be our authentic selves.

SFND MAG: Who are some artists or producers that you all would like to work with in the industry someday and tell us why?

TOURÈ: Among them are Pharrell, Drake, Victoria Monet, SZA, Metro, Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, and the producers who produce for JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and 88rising. These artists and producers stand as game- changers who are reshaping the musical landscape, not only in the streets but on the global stage, and leaving a profound impact on our daily lives. From their work ethic and writing skills to note selections and the nuances of their voices, they contribute not only as vocalists but also as the masterminds behind the music. Their life stories add depth, making the prospect of working with them a true honor.

SFND MAG: We haven’t noticed any music available just yet on Apple Music or Spotify, however we know it is coming. We are eagerly waiting. Are you all working on a project right now? When can the world expect to possibly hear some music from 2BYG? Any hints or surprises you can share with us?

TOURÈ: We are always staying consistent with working on projects and new ideas. Music is most definitely on the way, no doubt. It’s coming soon; the world can expect to hear it soon! Here’s a hint and surprise that we can share with you all ... something that we haven’t shared publicly until now: we are the first Black K-Pop R&B group. Stay tuned!

SFND MAG: Before we let you go, is there anything you all would like to say to our audience? Where can our readers find you on social media?

NIXX: Find us on all socials @2BYG. Thank you for your love and support!

SFND MAG: We wanted to thank you young brothers once again for interviewing with us. Your voices are super dope and we can foresee big things in your future. We’ll definitely keep an eye out for 2BYG. We are rooting for you and wishing you all the best.

NIXX: Thank you for giving us this opportunity and for the support!

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