• Dr. Avis Foley


Before 2018 ends I wanted to personally commend you for pressing towards the mark despite any strife that you may have come up against this year. For those that inquire about where your super power comes from simply inform them that you are just DOPER THAN MOST! But what does that mean? This means that you understand that your power lies in your perseverance! You intentionally move fearlessly on your purpose path and this is what sets you apart. God has blessed you with unique gifts that are specific to you and your purpose in serving others.

Because of your unwavering commitment to excellence you now know that when you are chasing purpose, grinding isn’t optional. You have put in long hours, faced great disappointment at times, and sacrificed on levels you never knew existed. Many instances you felt like giving up, but nevertheless you continued to press on. All opposition has been viewed as opportunity and you have learned how to celebrate your stumbles. You have made up in your mind that you deserve to live your best life and that requires true discipline and steadfast dedication. You are investing in your dreams now, to live the life that you deserve.

Make sure that a doper version of yourself emerges as you continue to grind. Always challenge your highest self. Because you were put here to serve a greater purpose, understand that you have no time to waste. Time is of the essence. Every second counts! Every minute counts! Every hour counts! EACH DAY COUNTS! Keep this in the forefront of your mind as you execute your dreams and inspire others.

Let your light shine so that others can do the same. Dedicate yourself to being the change that you want to see in the world. Dedicate yourself to excellence at all times. Dedicate yourself to purpose…relentlessly. Make those that have come before you proud. As you move forward know that they are literally behind you pushing you towards your destiny.

Your vision is the vehicle for your dreams. Always buy into yourself AND the vision. On any given day, you can massively change the direction of your life. You are ultimately doing yourself and others a disservice if you don’t pursue your purpose. There is only one you. You only get one life. Do you know how powerful that is? Pursuing your purpose is a choice. Believing in yourself should never be an option.

Your journey will pose difficulty but you must move forward. When you pursue God’s dream for your life, you are going to run into delays. God uses those waiting periods to prepare you and test you so that you can face whatever is coming in the next phase of your faith. While we think nothing is being done or progression is being made, know that God is working behind the scenes to manifest your dreams. When you decided that you wanted to pursue your goals you knew that there would be obstacles. But always remember that he who is not courageous enough to take rational risks will accomplish nothing in life. When you lack courage it’s easier to conform. It’s easier to accept defeat. It’s easier to become complacent. Your faith, fearlessness, and follow-through must be the foundation that your achievements are built upon!

You compete with no one. When you compete with other people you judge yourself based on their values and metrics. Of course, life itself is a competition, but it’s NOT a race against anyone else. The real journey should only be against you and your potential. When you compare, you compromise your purpose. Determine your success by comparing your accomplishments to your capabilities.

Your service is the key to success. Your mission is to help those in need through your gifts. It is never and will never be about you. During the times when you feel like giving up think of those they didn’t give up on you. Understand that it is your duty to serve others!

In 2019, I encourage you to continue to relish in the route of your progression! Carry forth the experiences that are going to inexplicably change your life. Always remember that you are more than just dope. YOU are doper than most.

Dr. Foley

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