Monthly Dose of Dope

There was something that struck me about Bree as soon as I pressed play and sent “Addiction” blaring through my speakers. The opening line is “I cut off all my hoes for you”, so of course, that got my attention and the lyrics that would follow were just a commanding as her voice…a voice that is a modern churchy tone meets a 90’s Nicole Wray-ish hybrid, but she has this extra thing on it that makes it all her own.

But back to that lyric…”I cut off all my hoes for you”. Not for the faint of heart, no…but if you love artist that stick their necks out in the wind and take chances as much as I do, then you will love this Chicago native.

I fully listened to her submission before venturing through her other sound cloud postings, as well as before visiting her instagram page, and when I did…I loved her even more. She’s androgynous, bold, hood, intellectual and infectiously unique. She’s the first girl that I have seen, boldly sporting a high-top fade and stepping beyond the confines of femininity to be her stark raving self and I love it.

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