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UP NEXT: Ouji "San Diego's Rising Star"

SFND MAG: First of all, we appreciate you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and interview with So FN Dope Magazine. We are definitely glad to have you. Why don’t we kick things off by having you tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and how did you get started in music?

Ouji: My name is Ouji. (Pronounced O.G.) It's my last name. I am from San Diego, California. I started writing lyrics when I was sixteen and began producing beats when I was eighteen. I started off on music low key. Just stayed in my room and never thought twice about leaving the house without making something memorable.

SFND MAG: No doubt, that’s what’s up. So you are a producer and a rapper. That’s definitely a plus especially in today’s industry. So evidently you are passionate about what you do based on the time you have already invested in your craft. How would you describe your music?

Ouji: My music is just an expression of self. My pains, my triumphs, my story.

SFND MAG: So if I asked you to sum it all up and to describe “yourself” or your artistry in one word, what would it be?

Ouji: Important

SFND MAG: “Important” I like that… That’s pretty deep. To me that says that you’ve got something that we all need to hear then. That’s dope! Not many rappers would use that word to describe themselves. Speaking of other rappers, not to compare you to anyone that is out there already, but I have to ask; what do you feel makes your style different or what is going to separate you from other artist out there.

Ouji: What separates me is that I am not afraid to show my flaws and that I am always growing and evolving as an artist. My journey is just beginning, but once it commences, the world will begin to document my growth, and how innovating I become with each passing body of work.

SFND MAG: I like the fact that you mentioned growth. Not many artist acknowledge the fact that there is always room for them to grow or to get better or to improve. Perfecting one’s craft should be the goal of every artist in my opinion.

SFND MAG: Now, lets switch gears and talk a little bit about the industry . Many people are saying that the industry has changed drastically over the last ten years or so. Many artist now days are not even seeking record deals anymore, instead they prefer to go the independent route. Personally, what do you feel is the most difficult part about being an independent artist in today’s industry?

Ouji: By far the hardest part about being an independent artist is being patient. You have no one but yourself putting pressure on you and at times it's hard to navigate yourself through certain things. Certain obstacles.

SFND MAG: Patience is a virtue and you’ve definitely stayed the course thus far. You never know, your opportunity may be right around the corner. Speaking of around the corner, you are about to drop that new project on us soon huh? Tell us a little about the project.

Ouji: My latest project will be my fifth and most mature body of work to date. I will be releasing a single titled "All In" and afterwards I will be releasing one to two songs at a time. As far as a time frame in terms of completion it is still undecided. All I can say is that it will be something memorable and most importantly necessary.

SFND MAG: I have no doubt that the project will be dope! I was blown away at what I heard in your session at Timeless Music Productions a while back. You are definitely bringing some heat. Can’t wait to cop the album when it drops. Now, I’m sure you’ve collaborated with other artists, If you don’t mind me asking what artist have you worked with so far on this album and who could you possibly see yourself working with in the future?

Ouji: I have worked with an artist named Xandra and we have a song that should be released in the next few months. I honestly don't care who I work with. As long as he or she can sing or rap his/her ass off, I'm content.

SFND MAG: So, there is at least one singer that we could look forward to hearing on one of the tracks here soon. Can you name any other another artist / producer/ or musician that you think is hot in the streets right now?

Ouji: I honestly don't know many artists at this present time. I've been so busy doing my own thing I haven't been able to reach out to many. I could only say Xandra, this young female talent who has a unique voice and can sing incredibly.

SFND MAG: Which song is your personal favorite on your album and why?

Ouji: My favorite song on my new body of work, which remains untitled, would have to be "Glitterati Boy”. The beat speaks volumes and how I change and mature throughout the entire song is something I really look forward to showcasing to listeners.

SFND MAG: Speaking of your listeners and fans and supporters; how about telling them a few things that you feel they may not know about you. What would you like to tell them that may give them a better view of who Ouji really is.

Ouji: That music is just the start. Ten years down the line I don't want people to just see me as a rapper/producer but as an important cultural figure who impacts more than just the spectrum of music. Also,that I represent a wave called the "IX" which is my city. San Diego. Everything I do will be for my city and for the better of all mankind.

SFND MAG: That’s dope. You rep for your city. That’s good to hear. What do you say to those back home in san Diego who are aspiring to become a rappers or producers, maybe that 13 year old kid who just started making beats, or that dude who’s just recorded his first mixtape or cd? You have any advice for those up and coming artist?

Ouji: Don't be afraid to be yourself. It takes time to find out who that may be, but once you find out what sound you own, try to make it better and better. Standing out isn't that difficult. Standing out in a good way is.

SFND MAG: That is definitely some sound advice. Well, Ouji, once again we appreciate you for devoting some of your time to So Fn Dope Magazine for this exclusive interview, its definitely been a pleasure. We must do this again sometime after the album drops. Before we go please tell the people know where they can hear some of your music online.

Ouji: My music can be found on Soundcloud under the name "Ouji". It's the page that has a picture of a younger me on it.

SFND MAG: And how can your fans reach you on social media?

Ouji: Just leave me a message on my IG which is linked to my soundcloud or message me directly on Soundcloud. I'll respond.

Twitter: @oujimusic

Snapchat: christopheramin

Instagram: christopheramin